What's New in Dentrix

New features to help your team be more productive and more profitable.

The newest version of Dentrix includes these features:

  • Insurance Improvements
  • Edit Family Relations
  • Inactivate Provider
  • QuickBill Updates
  • Report Improvements

Insurance Improvements

  • Record more information about the insurance plan, such as benefit begin dates, eligibility coverage level, and coordination of benefits.
  • Indicate Preferred Provider Organization (“PPO”), in-network/out-of-network benefits for an insurance plan, and add and view out-of-network insurance plan benefits and coverage information.
  • Add waiting period, insurance plan types, and when crowns/ bridges are paid (prep date or seat date).
  • View the patient’s insurance plan benefits and coverage while treatment planning procedures and when scheduling appointments.
  • Select which providers participate in each insurance plan.
  • Add exceptions for procedure code ranges such as max-age, min age, frequency limitations, downgrades, waiting periods, and if a procedure is only covered for certain tooth types.
  • Add custom benefit maximum and deductible types.
  • Update individual and family lifetime maximum benefits for all maximum benefit types, and the amounts used.
  • Copy the coverage table, payment table, or other benefit information from one insurance plan to another.
  • Access insurance plan benefits and coverage information through a link in the claim window.
  • New alerts are available when scheduling an appointment or treatment planning for patients with insurance plans with a missing tooth clause, a waiting period, exceptions, etc.
  • Get a warning when continuing care is scheduled before it’s due, if there is a waiting period, or if the provider does not participate in the patient’s insurance plan.
  • Calculate payment table amounts using a selected fee schedule and the coverage table percentages.
  • Access additional insurance plan contact information such as fax number, email address, and website address.
  • Flag procedure codes to use the office fee schedule amount when the procedure code is posted or treatment planned. The Office fee schedule is selected in Fee Schedule Maintenance.

Edit Family Relations

  • Get more information and choices during Edit Family Relations.
  • Say “good-bye” to special adjustments. Offsetting adjustments are posted if you choose to keep the family balances the same when patients are moved. You can also select which adjustment types to use.
  • Choose whether the balance for transaction history (for the patients being moved) remains with the original family or is moved with the patient(s).
  • View what the new balances for both families will be and see any offsetting adjustments that will result. The offsetting adjustments are posted as current transactions and linked. This way, they can later be deleted as a group if needed.
  • Move a patient even if the family has open claims (as long as the patient is not a subscriber for any open claims, and the patient has no open claims).

Inactivate Provider

Inactivate a provider with a new streamlined process, and choose to automatically transfer the provider’s balance to another provider using offsetting adjustments. See the resulting offsetting adjustments with a new Provider/Staff Inactivation Report (replaces the old Provider/Staff Audit Trail Report).

QuickBill Updates

  • Send statements by mail, email, or both through a single electronic submission.
  • Set a default delivery method for all eStatements or an individual guarantor.
  • Enjoy the newly enhanced electronic billing history for easy tracking of your electronic statements.

Report Improvements

See more information in reports that include adjustment transactions/totals: offsetting adjustments or whether adjustments are assigned to production or collections.

  • Provider A/R Totals: Has columns for offsetting adjustment totals for production and collections.
  • Practice Advisor Report: Has rows to show production and collections offsetting adjustment totals.
  • Daily Collections Day Sheet: Flags which transactions are offsetting adjustments; and indicates which adjustment types are applied to production and which are applied to collections, with additional totals for adjustment assignments.
  • Analysis Summary: Has a column for offsetting adjustment amounts.
  • Adjustment Only Day Sheet: Flags which transactions are offsetting adjustments; and indicates which adjustment types are applied to production and which are applied to collections, with additional totals for adjustment assignments.
  • Day Sheet: Flags which transactions are offsetting adjustments and adds a total for offsetting adjustments.
  • Practice Analysis Adjustment Summary: Indicates which adjustment types are applied to production and which are applied to collections with additional totals for adjustment assignments.
  • Choose to exclude offsetting adjustments when the option to “Calculate with Production Adjustments” is used in the Appointment Book Calendar with the option to show Scheduled Production.

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